TugariTM Is A Subsidiary And A Family-Owned Business Establishment Since 1920. TugariTM Showcases A Collection Of Flawless Gemstone Jewellery Inspired By Italian Craftsmanship And Caters To A Rather Unique High-End Clientele.

Our direct access to several mines in the highlands of Sri Lanka ensures a stable supply of high-quality gems. Our rough stones are cut and polished to the highest standards by our own cutters.

TugariTM offers an exquisite selection of jewellery, silver, and gold, and are pioneers in gemstones, predominantly sapphires, rubies and a fine selection of semi-precious stones.

Backed by a team of fine jewellery makers and the best of tools, TugariTM is blessed with vast custom jewellery capabilities.

Sri Lanka, formerly known Ratna Deepa, meaning the island of gems, is widely deemed as the epicentre for rare gemstones and state of the art craftsmanship. Likewise, the imposing gemstone jewellery at TugariTM demonstrates the work of our very own in-house jewellery masters.

TugariTM has set forth an abundance of genuineness with a team of dynamic experts prepared to put their heart and soul from inception to the end.

Like the parent company, TugariTM shares the very same passion and in return allures a great deal of recognition from the Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world.

Discover a collection of fine, endlessly enchanting gemstones in Rough / Cut And Gem studded jewellery at the TugariTM outlet.